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Accidental Silence

There is nothing quite as refreshing as  walking to work early in the morning.  My mind tends to wander moving from one thought to another.  Yesterday, my walk started out perfectly normal. Then all of sudden, my processor’s battery dies.  Just like that. Poof. Dead. The world suddenly becomes large. Colorful. Everything is enhanced. Things slow down quite a bit. The wind. Oh, the wind. There’s a very clear awareness of how gentle and soft the morning wind is. It blows  so sweetly on my face and through my hair. I hadn’t realized that it was blowing until silence appeared. The colors. Oh my! As I walked closer to the lake (I’m lucky enough to pass by a like on my walk), the reflections in the water! Reflections from the colorful cars as they pass by, the reflections from the trees, and even the reflections from the geese as they swim~ the colors are so vivid and so clear. The trees new green, green buds. How did I not notice the signs of spring?  Not only did I notice the wind and color, I felt my very being, my very existence.  I felt alive. Strong. I felt my every walking movement. My breathing~ breath going in, breath going out. It’s amazing how a different side of life appeared.  Just cancel out one sense and all the others heighten. This must be why we’re encouraged to take a moment each day to be alone and embrace silence (as much as possible)~ just to slow life down a bit and become aware of what’s going on around us.  I loved it all!

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