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Kisses Loud?


I was standing in a long line waiting to pick up a prescription from Kaiser.  Mila was in my arms.  She has those darling cheeks that brings on kisses from everyone.  So, I’m kissing her and kissing her and kissing her.  The old man in front of me turns around and says with a gentle smile, “Oh, I kept hearing this kissing sound.  I had to turn around to see what was going on.”  Something inside of me froze.  I was amazed that kissing a child could be loud.  Such a simple act that apparently makes a lot of noise.  Now that I became aware of noisy kissing is, I also became so conscious and started to gently and quietly kiss my babe.I Dang it!  Kissing her softly is just not the same as giving her a full blown on kiss on the cheeks.  I’m not sure if I like all these sounds~ it seems somewhat invasive.  I mean, you can hear a person peeing as you pee in a public bathroom and now, you can hear people kissing!?!  There’s really a lack of privacy with these sounds, I tell ya. 

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