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Who knew that peeing made a sound? That my child really does talk with a sassy tone? Those damn wind chimers are supposed to have a peaceful sound?

I never heard any of those sounds prior to getting a cochlear implant. All these noise~ and what to do with them? When it gets too much, I unplug from the world of noise. When that happens, my head literally deflates just like a balloon. Now, that’s peace.

I am a mother to a child who speaks proudly with a loud voice (my former mother-in-law said, “God gave her a loud voice so her mother can hear her.”) I am a wife-to-be to a man who has learned to make sure that I’m looking at him when speaking and loves to introduce me to “real” music. I am a daughter to a mother and father who insisted and believed that I ought to be treated just like everyone else and never said, “You can’t.”

There a lot of sounds that are new~ some funny, some beautiful, some annoying~ but nevertheless, they’re all new. I’ve decided to write about my daily noise.


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