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There a lot of sounds that are new~ some funny, some beautiful, some annoying~ but nevertheless, they’re all new.  I’ve decided to write about my daily noise.

Damn.  Life is noisy.  The sound of pee is noisy.  My three children are noisy.  The teen likes to play music out-loud on her IPOD.  The three year old attached the glockenspiel on the back of her tricycle—ding, ding, ding, click, click as she rides around the house.  The newborn with all his weird grunts and humming. The click click of my dog’s toe nails as he walks on the hardwood floors.  Oh yeah, those wind chimes, seriously?  Peaceful?

I never heard any of those sounds prior to getting a cochlear implant.  All these noise~ and what to do with them?  When it gets too much, I unplug from the world of noise.  When that happens, my head literally deflate just like an airless balloon.  Now, that’s peace.

I am a mother to three children.  I am a wife to a man who likes to strum on his banjo all the live long day. I am a daughter to a mother and father who insisted and believed that I ought to be treated just like everyone else and never said, “You can’t.”



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