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Yes You Can, Mama!



This little child of mine is the only one in my family that loves hiking as much as I do.  It was a little windy.  Noises from nature were all around.  Some kind of noise happened.  “Mama?  What’s the noise?” asked the little child inquisitively. She looked at me with a wide grin with her head tilted slightly to one side.  I stood still for a moment trying to remember a sound that had just occurred.  I’m not even sure I heard a sound.  I looked at her innocently and replied, “I don’t know.  I didn’t hear the sound.”  “Yes, you do, mama!  You know.  What is it?” she said with an even bigger grin as if I was teasing her (which I often do).  It hit me – that moment that she thinks of me as perfect.  She’s still young.  I’m still her God.  I’m her protector.  I’m all-knowing.  For now.  I started wondering when that day will come when she realizes that her mum can’t hear very well.  Anyhow, for now, I’ll revel the moment(s) when she thinks I’m just perfect.  {Happy sigh}


About Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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  1. Selina Bremenstuhl

    Beautiful reflection. Affirmations from our children are life enriching. Lucky you!



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