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It’s Just Water in the Ear, Of Course!


Me with pops


The birth of Mila was smooth~ well, to be more precise, after receiving the beloved epidural, things progressed very smoothly and happily.  As soon as Mila was placed in my arms, I swore that it was my grandma Esther staring right at me.  My father and I both look like her.  And, here was a baby who looked a lot like me, not exactly alike, but very similar.  

We had written a birth plan prior to the birth.  If you have experienced with making a plan, most of you would understand that these plans usually get tossed out of the window.  However, there was one plan that we really wanted to keep and that was to go home as soon as we can~ provided that I didn’t have any complications.  Well, I didn’t.  Of course, the nurses and doctors (millions of them) weren’t too pleased but they stressed how important it was to get Mila’s hearing screened.  They explained that there is usually water in the ear and they wait until 24 hours after the birth to do the testing when there is less water.  We wanted out.  We were tired of the constant interruptions that we felt were unnecessary.  I mean, every time we’d closed our eyelids, there’d be a knocking on the door!  All we wanted was to go home to our warm bed and sleep in peace (more or less).  They agreed to do the test within 10 hours later.  

About ten hours later, my husband takes Mila to the screening room to give her the test.  This was supposed to be a ten minute test.  Well, 20 minutes go by, 45 minutes go by and finally, my husband comes back an hour later.  He said very casually, “The nurse didn’t quite know how to do the test but Mila passed the test in one ear but not in the other.  But, it’s probably because there’s still water in it.  They want us to do a follow up.”  We both left the hospital totally forgetting the results….more to come later.


Mila with her pops


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Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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