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I’ve got a round plump belly now.  Thirty-one weeks pregnant with who knows what s/he is.  It’s all going to be a lovely surprise.  I’m sure not only will having a baby this time around be so different with my new family and all~ but the sounds will also be different.  I had two behind the ear hearing aids with my first child and now two cochlear implants with this new one.  And, already there are some things that sound a bit different.

Each time I visit the doctor, she checks for the baby’s heartbeat.  I can hear the fuzzy sound the heartbeat monitor makes as it looks for the baby.  The minute it finds the baby, it’s such a strong, healthy sound.  Boom boom boom boom.  155 beats per minute.  So clear.  It makes me so proud as a mother.  With my first, I did hear her heartbeat but it wasn’t nearly as clear or as strong so I didn’t get that glowing pride.

I can’t help but wonder how much difference the sounds will be between the two babies.  I know with my first, I didn’t get stressed when she would scream~ the sounds didn’t pierce through my soul (research shows that a mother’s blood pressure spikes up really high when her baby cries).  I really can’t think of any other examples right now because I probably haven’t experienced them yet.  Only time will tell.


About Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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  1. You will be able to hear that baby cry even without the implants in my friend, but I’m sure it’s squeals of joy will be wonderful to hear.


    • I did hear with my eyes and bodily sense~ yes~ but I’m sure sounds will be different this time~ both joys and its opposites.


  2. Yes, dear Amy. Life is noisy…in a most beautiful way and you are going down a new path that most of the rest of us who have always been able to hear already know. But though most of us can hear in the broadest sense (sounds are transmitted to us and they register) it is quite a different thing to really “hear”. You have the gift of really listening…you “hear” you daughter, your husband, your family and friends and they know you have heard…and you reciprocate. You have, and have always had, I believe, the best kind of hearing…the kind that says you share of yourself through hearing others. You will know such joy when that baby first cries and your heartbeat thuds in response and the tears come. The path before you is long and winding, very beautiful,…and noisy. Make a joyful noise…. Love, Loydene


  3. My favorite sound in the whole world is my baby’s heart beat. I fell in love with it at the 8 week appointment. I still like to lay my head on her chest and listen. So happy for you Momma!



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