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Day 15: Mornings with my Daughter

In the mornings, I do NOT like to put on my hearing processors.  I try to hold onto that world of silence just a little while longer~ just a little while longer before I face the world of noise.  As soon as I turn on the processors, there’s a full blast noise~ the click clacking of the dog’s nails walking on hardwood floors, the gargling of Dan’s throat as his rinses his mouth, the spray of the water bottle as Elyza wets her hair, the morning birds tweeting, the whirring of the bathroom fan, and on and on all at once!  Kaboom! Just like that~ no starting softly and then getting louder slowly.

My daughter often asks if we can listen to the radio in the car as I drive her to school.  The answer is always the same, “No.”   In the mornings,  my ears are so sensitive to any extra (and perhaps, unnecessary)  noise and I enjoy the quiet~ness (more or less) that is in the car with the windows rolled up.  Besides, I truly love this time of the day where my daughter and I connect before the rest of the world happens.  I have my rear mirror angled in such a way so I can see her whole face.  I’m always in awe of looking at my child in the mirror~ she’s getting so big and is so beautiful. Our morning conversations are never the same but always enjoyable.  She enjoys hearing stories about when I was a little girl, “What did you want to be when you were little?” , she’ll tell me about how she thinks teachers should remember that they were once children too, “Why do they give us so much homework and not let us play more…scoff, like they were never children?” or she’ll ask me interesting questions (which I often don’t have the answers to) like, “Are there tigers in Africa?”  That question actually seems easy~ it turns out, tigers are not natives to Africa~ she explained that to me after looking it up on the Smartphone.

What’s really beautiful and meaningful about our mornings is that less than a year and a half ago, these very conversations were never possible.  I would have to strain my one ear (I only had one processor for five years) to try to understand what she was saying, it was such a disconnected feeling.  Children tend to talk a lot in car rides for some reason and I would always feel so guilty when I’d get a bit impatient and tell her that she would have to wait until we got home to share the day with me.  Of course, as soon as we’d get home, she would no longer want to talk about her day.

Now with the ability to hear with both ears, communicating with her as she shares random thoughts is totally doable.  I don’t have to work so hard to hear her and not use so much energy to read her lips.   The combination of the two make it all the more possible.  It gives me a stronger sense of being her mother~ a way of connecting with her on a deeper level.  Besides that, she has the most adorable, sweet voice~ that is so full of pride, inquisition and often, humorous.  It may seem so little, but it goes such a long way in being able to deepen that bond with my daughter.

Come share a moment with me when you have a “special” time of the day reconnecting someone you love.



About Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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  1. I was just thinking about the ride home from camp and how I couldn’t shut up the entire time. It was a wonderful experience. So much so that we still smile about it.

    Side note – can you still see behind your car with your rearview? It makes me nervous to think it’s just your daughter’s beautiful face (cringe).


  2. Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

    I, too, have such fond memories of the Ranch Camp which is why I sent my daughter there. Now she can’t stop talking about it~ and wants to go back next year already!

    As for your question, I had to think about whether or not I can see the car behind me. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ll have to check that out the next time I drive. Anyhow, I can hear sirens and don’t rely on mirrors for that. And, like you, when I hear a siren, I look all around for the car. You’ve got me thinking…



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