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Day 14: Rusted Root


Last night I saw Rusted Root.  Dan had introduced me awhile back to this band~ and now we were there to see them live.  There simply aren’t words that I can use to appropriately describe my experience.  First off, they didn’t come onto stage until midnight~ I was already so tired to begin with~ secondly, the band playing before them, were terrible.  Simple as that.  I had expected Rusted Root to be terrible.  You see~ my past experience with concerts haven’t been memorable~ and were, honestly, somewhat boring.  The music would be overwhelming~ pretty much blending all into one big blob of sound, a bunch of echoing everywhere, no separation of music or hearing harmony.  All these people around me would be so entranced into the music, they would seem lost into the depths of their movements as they dance with the beat; or you can see them singing with such strong emotions as if they were the ones playing on stage.  I, for one, do love to dance~ but never found it pleasurable at concerts~ I could never find that one beat to move with in the midst the musical blob.  Try as I might, my body would feel awkward, stiff as if I were dancing for the first time and feel very disconnected from the music.  So, I would end up watching people~ trying to absorb some of their energy.  Either way, it was uncomfortable and not worth my time.  I rarely went to a live concert.

Now, in this day of brilliant technology, music is quite enchanting for me.  Rusted Root was probably the second concert that I’ve been to with both hearing processors.  The drummer was the first to arrive on stage and start drumming away.  As I watched the beautiful drummer with long dreadlocks, become so absorbed with the music, his body completely matched the beat~ I found myself feeling music seeping through my blood, making my heart swell and moving with the beat as well.  Then one by one, each band member would come and start playing their instrument.  As each music started play, my body would awaken even more~ my tiredness disappeared~ energy, beautiful musical energy would pump, pump, pump with my spirit.  I no longer noticed that there were people around me, let alone, standing very closely to me and felt completely at ease.  However, I was always aware of Dan’s arms holding me from behind.  Often, we would sway together with the music~ almost making us become one person.  Dancing with a person you love makes the music all the more mystical.  As I watched the singer, with soft curly brown hair, perfectly shaped goatee, and with such an air of confidence become so hypnotized by his own singing~ it occurred to me how lucky he was to be able to give us songs, music, movements and spread the spell-binding energy that would make people dance, dance, dance the night away.  I have never been able to dance for hours on end, let alone have music feed me dancing energy to move with beat and not feel physically tired.

Now, do you see why there aren’t any words to describe how I feel?  For the first time, I get to hear the spirit of music, feel the pumping of the beat as it moves through my body, as it sweeps me off my feet, lifting me higher and higher into the musical heavens!  What a truly amazing experience to be able to be a part of dancing crowd.

I felt sad when the music was over.  It seemed all too soon, too short and the ending was too abrupt.  The world seemed quiet~ oh the irony, this time, I wanted more noise~ musical noise.  Now, I will long for more live music~ I want to experience that feeling of music pumping with my heart again and again.

Do any of you get that feeling when you go to a concert?  Get so enraptured that you forget that there are people around you?  Get carried away far into the musical heavens?  I’d love to know.


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Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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