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Day 2

I usually don’t put on the hearing processor until right before I head out the door to go to work.

In silence, I boiled some water for tea.  I constantly check to see if the steam has, yet, come out while I prepared for meals of the day.  Dan comes in and gently tugs on my should to let me know he wants to speak to me.  He now understands that I don’t want to deal with noise at this time~ I really hold on to that silence as long as I can before going to work.  He speaks to me very clearly~ so that I can communicate with him.

Mornings are not very easy for Dan or Elyza~ they both know that I am savouring my silence~ and have to change their way of speaking (slowly and deliberately so I can read their lips)~ really, it’s not even a conversation~ but rather, small talk~ short and to the point.

It’s very cold outside with very wet snow that is coming down quickly.  Elyza and I run quickly to the car to prevent getting wet.  As soon as we get in the car, I’m amazed that snowflakes can be loud~ I’m hearing the ptt ptt ptt of the snow as it hits the car~ I ask Elyza to make sure if I’m hearing is correct~ and, indeed I am.  I’m a bit puzzled, because I thought snowflakes were supposed “to be falling softly down to the ground…” as we so often read in poems.

In school, first thing, we had some sort of “lock” thing going on~ you see, I was in the first grade room gathering my students.  Then all of sudden the loudspeaker went on saying something like this…”This is a lock (skip) and we need (skip) the kids (skip), please (skip) (skip) (skip) lock…”  That’s what I heard, all those “skips” are words that I missed~ completely missed.  This new teacher of the classroom looked at me and says, “Is this a lock down or lock in?”  I suddenly feel a panic rising up in me because she’s relying on me to give her the answer~ one is very serious and the other is not.  A lock in is when there may be a bad guy near the school and we lock the school~ but we keep on teaching.  A lock down is when there’s a bad guy in the school and everyone door must be locked and we move the children away from the door.  I feel so responsible because I’m supposed to be an experienced teacher and suddenly feel the weight of responsibility because the lives of all these children seem to be in my hands~ and I don’t know which lock down it is!  I quickly leave the room to find another staff nearby to find out the answer~ meanwhile, I worry that I may be putting myself in a bad position.  Anyhow, I really dread things like that. (BTW, it was a lock in, the good kind)

One more: I work with the cutest little kindergartner, one on one, who is very behind in reading and writing.  She also has some speech challenges, not very obvious, but one that takes good listening to catch it.  I was working with her on -at and -am family.  Here’s a quick dialogue:
Me.  Say mad.
She: Mad
Me: tap it out with me MMM.  AAA.  D
Me: Ok, now spell it on the board.  As you spell it, say each sound of the word.
She:  MMMM (writes “M”)…aaaaaa (writes A) and there’s ma..
Me:  Oh, oh, you’re forgetting the end sound.
She: I am?  Oh, yes, Ddddd (and she writes it).
This is a really big deal for me~ not too long ago, I probably wouldn’t have heard that she missed the “d” at the end of the word.  Ma and Mad lip read exactly the same way~ so you really have to hear that she’s missing the ending sound.  It’s very, very cool for me 🙂


About Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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