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A New Camera Has Arrived….

and so has my mother! We met in Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste—a small city that I highly don’t recommend! It’s got all the U.S. restaurants such as Papa John’s, Cinnabon, McDonald’s and the like all right next to each other. It’s not even a beautiful city either. Much to Elyza’s delight, there were three swimming pools! I really don’t see the point of swimming pools when there are playas y aguas!

Check out this awesome sign that was posted in the hotel room! I love it!
We took our pretty sweet time leaving the hotel to catch a bus to beautiful Monte Verde to meet our friend Julia! To get to Monte Verde from Liberia, two buses are required. We got off the first stop, which really feels like it’s in the
middle of nowhere. There’s a small restaurant and gas station off the road. We hungry people decided to eat—and were told that the next bus would not arrive for another 2.5 hours! Yikes! There were a group of taxi drivers huddled near the bus stop. We decided to be posh for the thought of hanging around the bus stop for so long just didn’t seem appealing—we paid quite a bit of money to ride in the taxi. Then the taxi driver asked if we could stop by his house to pick up a family member so he wouldn’t have to drive back down alone. Turns out to be one of the best decision made and money well spent—it po
ured and poured rain on a very dirt road (and mighty steep too!) The driver explaine
d to us that buses have skidded off the road, have had to wait for hours for the rain to stop and take a lot longer to arrive to the top. You can see both the view and wet horse riders in front of the cab.
Once at the top, we met our dear friend Julia. We were all so tired! We went to bed so early!
Today, Elyza and I went on the most beautiful, ye
t adventurous horse ride today! We rode to the top of the mountains where we saw the most beautiful
scenery! Everything I’ve learned as a child from equestrian camp—poof, out the window—riding on a horse in Costa Rica requires no rules: riding in a straight line (not important), staying behind a rider with space in between (no matter), riding through mud (huh, what’s the difference?), heck we even got off our horse!
Once we reached what seemed to be the topmost part of the mountain, take a wild guess to guess what we did?

That’s all for now!


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