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Costa Rica’s Weird Ways (Elyza made this title up)

We really tried, we really did!  Dena, her lovely mum, Elyza and I all got in a rental car with a plan to visit Rincon De Viaja.  It’s a national park that has volcanoes and natural mud baths.  Somehow, our friends thought that they had the proper maps—perhaps, they did but the maps didn’t get us to where we wanted to go.  As we drove on and on—observing the beautiful stunning green view—finally we decided to ask a lone motorcyclist how to get to Rincon De Viaja.  He pointed in the direction of the park.   And on and on we went.  Hmmm…we still didn’t see any National Park signs.  We got further and further away from mankind.  We saw a person on a horse, and we asked him where the park was.  He pointed in the same direction as the lone motorcyclist.  Well, heck, if there are two people who look so confident and point in the same direction—surely, we must be going in the right direction, right?  We even asked two more different people, who also pointed in the same direction.  Finally, we see a fairly large restaurant.  By this time, we are quite hungry and perplexed.  We asked the guy who works at the restaurant where the park was.  He explained to us that we were on the other side of the park and about one and half hour away from the entrance.  That was quite an experience!  And, a fun one too!

After our try to see the park, we then head over to Playa Avenella—where surfers love to go.  There are strong, huge waves—-beautiful but too scary for this mama.  We stopped at a famous spot called: Lola’s.  All of sudden, we see a woman talking sweetly and happily to something—and that something was a…..big, fat pig.  It was an odd sight to see.  The woman explained to us that the restaurant was names after a pig named Lola.  Lola passed away and now they have a new pig named Rosa.  The woman was a pig trainer—training Rosa to be a pet and learn the proper living boundaries.  Hmmmm….quite a sight to see!
My darling Elyza announced one day that she wanted to try surfing!  The nice thing about staying in a small town is that it is easy to build network and a community of friends.  I asked one Tico if he could teach Elyza.  Because he is familiar with me, he was willing to give her private lessons for about half the price it is normally charged for others.  In addition, he also did it outside his work—so he was able to receive the money directly from me.  Elyza is a fast learner—and has taken two lessons thus far.  The instructor was really impressed with how quickly Elyza learned.  And, now Elyza is hooked.  Every day she says, “I really wish I could surf right now!”  See, we should move to closer to a beach (sorry to announce this mama!).
Another crisis happened with that darn sink!  Hot, muy caliente water was suddenly shooting straight out from under the sink (it looked like a very small fire hydrant)!  Did I say hot?  Luckily my darling Elyza was quick enough to move out of the way (it was literally two inches from her side).  My sister, another visitor and Elyza were not able to come out of the bedroom for a little bit because the hot water was blocking them.  I had to get one of the neighbors to show me how to turn off all the water (again).  After that mishap, steam was spurting from the water tank for a long time!  Again, we had no water for two days because the plumbers would be available for two more days.  We had two cottages—one to sleep in and one to use water in.  Check out our little flood!


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Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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  1. Elyza is surfing?!?!?!?!? I LOVE IT! Way to go Elyza! I'm so inspired to get my girls on a surf board. Sounds like you are having so much fun and so many adventures. Keep the posts coming. They are so much fun to read.



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