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Tell Me Why We Should Come Home….

We went horse back riding! This was Elyza’s first time riding on a horse by herself. This was a pretty neat ride—we went through neighborhoods, to an off beaten path (again the view is just stunning), through a very small river—and a huge rainstorm started—and yet, we continued to ride on. There are dogs roaming on the streets everywhere—and they always bark at the horses as if it’s some kind of game. The horses ignored them which made our ride very peaceful.

Friends come to visit! And, that friend, Dena, was so much fun for Elyza!

We decided to go to Playa Conchal (means beach with shells–literally). We have to take the bus to Playa Conchal—it’s about a 25 minute ride away from Tamarindo. Then you walk through a small town, Brasilito, get to Playa Brasilito and then walk towards Playa Conchal—all about a 15 minute walk (Elyza has gotten so used to walking everywhere that she no longer complains!). Now, here’s where it gets really interesting, we, walkers, share the beach with cars. Playa Brasilito is also the road that leads to Playa Conchal. There doesn’t seem to be any rules or speed limits here in Costa Rica, and especially, on the road. There are a lot of ATV’s–and super young teenagers driving them like they racing for NASCAR. Oh goodness, it hardly makes the walk enjoyable. And, then you have to walk up a very narrow path, which means you have to be squeezed right alongside the cars. I’ve explained to my friends and tourists that YOU have to watch for cars, for they are not watching for YOU! Check out the narrow path.

This was Elyza first time snorkling. Unfortunately, there weren’t very many fish on the shallow end–and I’m not comfortable having Elyza swim in the deeper parts of the ocean just yet. She was very pleased to have seen four fish though. Look at what a natural she is!

And, then it rained! Not lightly, not gently, it poured! And, poured! We were told that the bus would come at 3PM. These buses come very infrequently, so just to make sure we wouldn’t miss that bus, I wanted to get to the busstop by 2:30. Weeellllll, 3PM comes and goes. 3:30 passes. 4PM also passes. Ahem, finally, the bus arrives at 4:15. It was still raining so hard so we had to stand up while waiting for the bus (the seats were wet). I find out that the bus we were on doesn’t drive directly back to Tamarindo—so we had to get off to take another bus. Luckily, we only had to wait a few minutes for the next bus. But, Costa Rica doesn’t have bus transfers, so I had to pay again! I used every last coins I had left! I simply wasn’t prepared for all this–no rain jacket, not a lot of cash (don’t like to carry too many and refuse to bring credit cards on the beach) and no snacks! Elyza was a great sport throughout all this!

Until next time, Pura Vida!


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Life is noisy~ in a messy way. I thought I'd try writing about surviving the hearing world every day for 365 Days.

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